When sailing, you are totally immersed in all elements Mother Nature throws at you. You have to balance the boat with the wind changes, strong and weak wind situations, sail in tremendous heat, or freezing wet conditions that keep most people off the water.

When single hand sailing you need to manage all situations independently which increases this sport into an extreme physical and mental challenge.

Sailing is my passion and now I hit the point to climb the peak of it with my single hand project „one2sail“ with the intention to race across the ocean with a 6.5m raceboat … alone.

Micki Liebl 2018


MINI TRANSAT race across the ocean


Michael "Micki" Liebl


1 x gold medal German Championship
2 x bronze medal German Championship
1 x bronze Swiss Championship
3 x gold medal Bavarian Championship
many 1./2./3. places national races in several boat classes
competitor at many European and World Championships
11 x competitor at Kiel Week

1. German sailing league competitor since 2014 – team Munich Yachting Club

Team manager team Munich Yachting Club since 2014

offshore experience since 40 years
transfer from Sardinia to Istanbul
transfer from Biscaya to Ibiza
24 hrs single hand training

International German Championship

International Swiss Championship

Bavarian Championship


Race Boat



Partner Brand Presentation

In agreement with the F.F.Voile and the organizers of Mini races, the advertising spaces are divided up as shown.

It is the skipper’s responsibility to provide the spaces and material for the organizer’s advertising/branding.

The classe mini may ask for a place for its own sponsors.

Boats will have to fly the classe mini flag on the port backstay in the harbours.

Race numbers and ensigns must stay clearly visible at all times.

Flags, banners and any other publicity material cannot be hoisted when the boat is under sail.

As an exception to the article R‐17‐a, the advertising allotment for the skippers is allowed along the entirety of the spars.


Estimated Project Costs

race boat ready to race: 50,000 €
(Leasing approx. 1,000 €/p.m.)
safety equipment: 10,000 €
teamwear: 5,000 €
race boat improvement and repair: 5,000 €/a
sails: 6,000 €/a
travel costs: 5,000 €/a
entry fees: 2,000 €/a
Insurance: 3,000 €/a

Annual costs 32,000 €

total invest without skippers revenue: 130.000 €
(incl. boat leasing)


Sponsor Packages

Get your „own boat“

  • branding dominant on hull,
  • branding dominant on sails
  • branding dominant on teamwear
  • branding on extra flag
  • branding dominant on teambus
  • expenditure of time for fotoshooting in action,
  • boat presentation for your events/exhibition etc…
  • company named in press report

1,500.00 € p.m
18,000.00 € p.a.

Accessory sponsoring

  • co- branding on hull,
  • co- branding on teamwear
  • co- branding on flag
  • co- branding on teambus
  • expenditure of time for fotoshooting in action,
  • company named in press report

300.00 € – 500.00 € p.m.
3,600.00 € 6,000.00 € p.a.


Michael "Micki" Liebl

Alpspitzring 60
82061 Neuried / Munich

+49 (0)172 8906938